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Zzetta – Food Review

ZZetta is a newly opened pizza restaurant in Rathbone Market, 110 Barking Road, London. Owner, Rob Dewan, has described the new restaurant as “going beyond the typical pizzerias”. The team at Bits and Bites went to check out exactly what this means..

screenshot_20180820-192748_instagram.jpg  new.jpg Screenshot_20180820-192743_Instagram

Here is a quick overview:



Affordable for 12 inches Seating and furniture
Sense of community and atmosphere More starters
Welcoming staff with great service
Good options for both veg and non veg
Nice interior
Tasty and delectable
Close to the station

The above pretty much confirms how I feel about this new gem. Dewan has done a Screenshot_20180820-192738_Instagramfantastic job on the interiors and including the voices of the Rathbone locals. A lot of new restaurants usually do their best to create their own mark but Dewan has clearly attempted to keep the character of the Newham community by incorporating it in the restaurant. The first thing you see when walking into the restaurant is the signs from the ceilings. It is the voice of the locals explaining the culture, beauty and history of Rathbone. It takes a real step of genius to be able to mix the history of a location with a new business. Not only does this display a real value for antiquity and the importance of narrative but it creates a real sense of personality. Kudos to you. The black cushion seats were a tad annoying – they did not stay in place so I kept having to readjust the seating cushion.

Now moving to the important stuff the – FOOD. We ordered;

  1. Garlic bread cheese (Garlic oil, Mozzarella, Rosemary Sea Salt, Rucola and Olives) – £3.45
  2. Mushrooms Pizza (Tomato sauce, Fior di Latte Mozzarella, Porcini Mushrooms, Rucola Salad) – £10.95
  3. Rathbone Pepperoni (Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce, Bufala Mozzarella, Grilled Aubergine, Parmesan Cheese Shavings, Basil) – £12.95
  4. All Three Dips (Garlic Mayo, Hot Paprika Mayo, Hot BBQ Sauce) – £1.95.


Starters: Garlic bread cheese was crisped to perfection and had a good crunch to it. The minute you took a bite the flavours of the Garlic oil and the Mozzarella blended well and gave it a real soft and creamy texture. I would have preferred some sort of dip with garlic bread. I geninuely think Zzetta could really benefit from adding more options to the starter menu; whether that is Brushcetta related/bread basket or a more comprehensive starter.

Mains: Honestly I am not a big fan of pizza but the soul fired pizza here is just something else. Everything was so flavourful, tastier and things came out really fast. One thing I love is that Zzetta shipped in a copper dome oven – it really adds a unique smoky flavour and gives the pizza crispier toppings. The flavourful crust was cooked perfectly with it being puffy, soft and just the right amount of thickness to enjoy the meal. I always say the dips given always add to the taste of the meal. Also the higher cooking temperatures in the dome means the vitamins and nutrients in the vegetables remain – so you are basically eating a healthier and tastier pizza. What is not to love. All three dips were heavenly – my favourite being the Hot BBQ sauce (had a real kick to it) and the Hot Paprika Sauc20180721_181214e.

Drinks: we got the Bio Cola (without Caffeine) – £3.45. I had a serious nostalgia feeling because it tasted EXACTLY like a panda pop and it was a great addition for the meal. If not the food, I would go back just for this beauty.

Staff: I think it is imperative to have attentive, caring staff with personality to ensure the customer enjoys the entire experience. Working in retail has taught me service is a huge part of how a customer feels, engages and the probability of future visits. I have been to places with the best staff with mediocre food and the worst staff with fantastic food. I would gladly return to the former and try all dishes with a view to improve then visit the latter. Often service will be different depending on the variety of food and how it delivered – for example, the service in a coffee shop would be different to that of a restaurant. However, whenever I visit a restaurant, I look for the following components; otherwise known as PALS;

  1. Personality – does my server have a cheerful and vibrant characteristics
  2. Atmosphere – what pervading tone or mood is the server creating
  3. Listening – is the server attentive
  4. Solution – if I have asked for modifications or mentioned an allergy has the server been proactive

screenshot_20180820-192729_instagram.jpgThe service I received at Zzetta was one of the best I have received in a really long time (and I eat out nearly 4 to 5 days a week). My server, Daniella, had a lovely personality, she was attentive, kind and she explained the interior when she could see we were curious. It takes a real special server to get hints and signals and answer those questions concisely whilst displaying a cheerful and vibrant outlook. Just a lovely person with a real passion in communicating herself. She was super attentive and made recommendations.

Best moment: My favourite moment was when the ‘dough king’ otherwise known as Head chef Jean, called me over so I could see him toss the pizza dough in the air! He also told me that tossing pizza dough in the air helps to retain the moisture! He was absolutely lovely and I have never seen a man smile so much.

Recommend: I absolutely recommend you head on down to Zzetta. If you go on the weekend you can catch some live music!

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